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The Barbeque Grill is a modern restaurant designed specifically for your comfort and enjoyment. We are a restaurant that seeks to give you the best dining experience by creating a wonderfully unique fusion of traditional Indian food and the best flavours all over Asia and Europe. 

Aside from the internationally acclaimed chefs and the mouthwatering foods, our restaurant itself also has an appeal unlike any other. The modern rustic appeal of our restaurant will get you in the mood for a relaxing and fun bonding with your friends and family. 

Our setup and even the seats are designed to give you maximum comfort. Lined with soft leather seatings, clean and pleasant dining environment, perfect lighting, our world-famous live grill, and roof-to-floor glass windows that fills your eyes with the best view, our restaurant is set on giving you the best dining experience of your life!

Know more about us and discover India’s best barbeque restaurant through these amazing photos!

Our gallery 

Photo 1: 3rd-floor location

The fun starts here! Start your grilling adventure at The Barbeque Grill located at the 3rd floor of Center Square mall. 

Photo 2: Entrance

Snap a picture or two with our beautiful wood and brick design and tell the world of your experience with us. 

Photo 3: Live grill

Feast your eyes as you watch our talented chefs make your favourite dish in our famous live grill!

Photo 4: Bar counter

No barbeque bonding is complete without alcohol. Have the best night out with your friends and indulge yourselves in our collection of top-shelf liquors and mind-blowing cocktail mix!

Photo 5: Main dish

Satisfy your craving with our juicy and flavorful kebabs! Taste the fusion of Asia’s best flavours here at The Barbeque Grill. 

Photo 6: Soups 

Fill your stomach with warmth with our Indo Chinese fusion food. Witness the strong aromatic flavour of Indian cuisine and the rich but mild taste of Chinese food combined to create the best soup dish!

Photo 7: Starter and side dishes

Take your pick at our wide range of appetizingly good starters and side dishes. Create a perfectly balanced diet with our variety of fresh vegetables!

Photo 8: Save room for desserts!

Give a sweet ending to your perfect meal with our delicious desserts. Explore the wide range of options at our dessert table to find your perfect match!

Photo 9: Live shows

Make your night more exciting with our live shows. Invite your friends at The Barbeque Grill for the most unforgettable dining experience you will ever have!

Photo 10: Enjoy a nice meal with your family

Strengthen your family bond with a delicious meal here at The Barbeque Grill!

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