Top barbecue sauces you should know about

Barbecue is one of the most delicious dishes you can enjoy with friends and family. It’s easy, versatile, and can be enjoyed on any occasion. Additionally, barbecuing with your loved ones adds more excitement while you’re chatting and enjoying each other’s company.

When it comes to having the perfect barbecue, the sauce is the secret ingredient that will give it texture and flavour, that’s why it’s important to marinate your meat well so the sauce will seep right into the bones to give it an unforgettable taste. 

There are a lot of relishes in the market, but there are only a few that can give your barbecue the right taste. So, if you’re excited to know which sauces can make you the talk of the next barbecue event you’re hosting, read further. 

The natural condiment company 

One of the most delicious sauces in the market is the natural condiment company. Made of hot sauces, mustards, and jams, this relish will give your meat a tangy, spicy flavour that gives it a good contrast and texture that you can enjoy with rice or on its own. 

White barbecue sauce 

White barbecue sauce is one of the most interesting relishes that you can use. Made of paprika, onion powder, chilli powder, and brown sugar, this sauce gives an interesting texture and flavour that goes well with chicken, pork, and beef. 

Because it’s also a buildable sauce, you can add more condiments such as cayenne, apple cider, horseradish, and Dijon mustard. Additionally, this sauce works best when whisked until smooth. Put a dash of salt and pepper to add more taste. 

Apple barbecue sauce 

Another type of barbecue sauce you can use is a delectable relish that will give an interesting flavour to your meat. Made of applesauce, apple cider, brown sugar, and Dijon mustard, this savoury sauce can give an interesting flavour of tangy and salty to your barbecue. 

Just make sure to heat it using a flat pan in medium heat and stir well to achieve the right consistency. Additionally, cool the sauce after cooking then transfer it to a jar for longer shelf life. 

Pineapple bourbon sauce 

If you enjoy spicy and sweet in your barbecue, the pineapple and bourbon sauce is a delicious relish that gives an interesting kick to the meat you’re marinating. 

What gives the pineapple bourbon sauce it’s strong flavour is the chipotle and bourbon used for the base. Additionally, the bourbon also softens the meat, which makes it easier to chew and roast once you grill it. 

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