The Barbeque Grill: Widest range of menu!

The Barbeque Grill: Widest range of menu!

Having a wide range of choice in the menu is always fun and exciting. The thrilling new encounter with foods you have never tried before will surely make every visit a delightful experience. After all, trying new foods is part of what makes eating out special.  

The Barbeque Grill Vadodara offers one of the widest range of menu for grilling, soup, starters, and even dessert! You will never run out of choices here. There is always a new food for you to love and discover at our restaurant. Whether it’s salty, sweet, or sour, we have just the right foods that would excite your taste buds and leave you craving for more. 

Our talented chefs will bring you to a unique world of flavors with a clever twist in the traditional Indian cuisine. Our commitment to using quality ingredients, traditional recipes with a twist, expert grilling techniques, and innovative dining experience would keep you coming back for more. Satisfy your cravings and unique taste with The Barbeque Grill. 

Here’s everything you need to know about our choice of cuisine. Get a taste of what we have to offer down below!

The Barbeque Grill: Menu

To give you something new to enjoy every visit, we have decided to use a rotating menu. This means that the variety of food in the starters and the main course is rotated every 7 days. 

This is so our chefs could focus on the strength of every dish and to make ordering your favorite dishes easier for you. It also helps in making our service considerably more efficient. So, if you have a favourite dish on our menu, make sure to give us a call to check if it is available for the day, or you can simply visit our website and review our daily menu!

The Barbeque Grill’s daily prefix menu typically consists of the following:

  • 9 vegetables starters
  • 2 vegetable soups
  • 10 vegetable main course dishes with a variety of Indian bread
  • 14 vegetable salads
  • 8 variety of desserts
  • Stone cold ice cream

The Barbeque Grill: Soup 

Soups are a nutritious food packed with all the essential nutrients. It is a good starter for every meal since it helps prepare the stomach for bigger food consumption. It also fills you with just enough warmth and comfort and leaves you with a good appetite for your next course. 

Our choice of cuisine for soups is mostly based on traditional Indian and Chinese fusion foods. We combine the healthy quality of Chinese soup and the tasty and aromatic Indian cuisine. Check out the range hearty soups that we have prepared for you at our restaurant:

  • Vegetable manchow soup 
  • Vegetable hot n’ sour soup 
  • Macoroni ka sour 
  • Vegetable lemon coriander soup 
  • Sweet corn soup 
  • Tomato coriander soup
  • Vegetable noodle soup
  • Vegetable peaking soup
  • Kali mirch sweet corn soup 
  • Masala sweet corn soup
  • Dal shorba
  • Tamatar tulsi ka shorba
  • Tomato almond soup
  • Cream of mushroom soup 
  • Cream of spinach soup 

The Barbeque Grill: Starters

Starters are an integral part of every meal. It is helpful in stimulating your appetite for the main course and keeps you from being hungry as you wait for your main dish.

For our starters, we chose to keep things close to the traditional Indian recipes to give you an authentic taste of our rich culture. You will also notice that most of our starter dishes are vegetables. The reason for this is that you would have a balanced nutritional meal filled with all the essential nutrients. Also, to make your simple starter special, we serve it with our original sauces to add flavor to your scrumptious dish. 

Here’s a glimpse of our wide variety of starters to tickle your taste buds!

  • Dahl ka sikkae
  • Churumuri Kabab 
  • Cheese corn ki tikki
  • Proyal hara bhara kabab
  • Maxicon stick
  • Beetroot stick
  • Thai cron tikka
  • Peshtani chana tikka
  • Aloo mint tikka
  • Kand ke pattice
  • Sahi subz seekh
  • Fuljhadi kabab
  • Vegetable seekh kabab
  • Vegetable gilafi seekh
  • Subz dahika kabab
  • Dahi ke kabab
  • Maxicon kabab
  • Malika ka kabab
  • Achari aloo
  • Barbeque baby potato
  • Baby potato with lemon olive
  • Tandoori aloo
  • Nawabi potato 
  • Baby potato with mango mustard
  • Chilli garlic potato
  • Peshawari aloo
  • Aloo narangi
  • Buransi aloo
  • Zulla corn
  • BBQ corn
  • Bhatta chatpata
  • Pickled corn 
  • Anokha ananas grillse
  • Tandoori pineapple
  • BBQ pineapple 
  • Pineapple with sineman sauce
  • BBQ chilli honey pineapple
  • Baked pineapple
  • Tandoori paneer tikka
  • Paneer achari tikka
  • Paneer irani tikka
  • Paneer peshawari tikka
  • Paneer malai tikka
  • Paneer ajwaini tikka
  • Paneer buransi tikka 
  • Paneer achari tikka
  • Hareq masala ka bhana paneer tikka
  • Lehsuni dhaniya paneer tikka
  • Paneer saunfyana
  • Paneer shashlik tikka
  • Costal BBQ mushroom
  • Chilli garlic mushroom
  • Lebanese mushroom 
  • Thai mushroom
  • Jacket mushroom
  • Sweet chili mushroom
  • Mushroom bhuna garlic
  • Parsley mushroom
  • Pesto mushroom
  • Oriental mushroom
  • Yellow thai mushroom 
  • Green thai mushroom
  • Red thai mushroom
  • Oriental grill vegetables
  • Pesto grill vegetables
  • Thai grill vegetables
  • Sultani thai vegetable
  • Jhujh grill vegetable
  • Vietnamese grill vegetable 

The Barbeque Grill: Main course

The main course is the star and climax of every meal. It is the heaviest and most complex dish in the menu. For the main course, we have a lovely fusion of Indian and Southeast Asian cuisine. The aromatic and strong flavors of Indian cuisine is artistically fused with the healthy and unique taste of Southeast Asia which makes every dish burst with flavors unlike any other. 

Get a taste of the distinctive and savory flavor of our dishes and open your eyes to a whole new world of flavors with every bite. Experience the perfect balance of intense, yet not overpowering taste that are perfected by our talented chefs. 

Here at our restaurant, you are part of the unique process of preparing your main course making it even more special! Have a look at our appetizing main course dishes: 

  • Paneer reshmi 
  • Paneer shabnam ki bahar
  • Paneer pasanda 
  • Paneer lazeez
  • Paneer taka tak taka tak
  • Paneer makhani
  • Methi garlic paneer
  • Methi malai paneer
  • Madrasi paneer
  • Patiala paneer
  • Paneer tikka butter masala 
  • Hyderabadi paneer
  • Paneer noor jahani
  • Paneer do pyaza 
  • Paneer korma 
  • Paneer khurchan 
  • Paneer lababdar
  • Kadai paneer
  • Kolhapuri paneer 
  • Malai kofta 
  • Nargisi kofta
  • Saam sorera
  • Vegetable kofta curry
  • Kofta dil khush
  • Banarasi kofta
  • Shani subz kofta
  • Palak kofta
  • Aloo bukhara kofta
  • Mushroom makhana 
  • Mushroom makhani
  • Mhaman mushroom 
  • Mushroom kundantara
  • Mushroom taka tak taka tak
  • Khumb makai masala sobnam curry
  • Gobhi musallam
  • Achari gobhi
  • Gobhi marinate mutter
  • Mix vegetables
  • Subz saloni
  • Subz kali mirch
  • Subz panchmel
  • Subz sangam
  • Baagwani vegetable
  • Kadai vegetable
  • Vegetable jhalfredgi
  • Kolhapuri vegetable
  • Jaipuri vegetable
  • Jeera gulnar
  • Aloo til tinka
  • Jeera aloo hara pyaz
  • Aloo narangi
  • Aloo gulat
  • Bataka daat

The Barbeque Grill: Desserts

The main course might be heavy but there’s always room for dessert! Finish off a wonderful meal with our fantastic selection of desserts from a wide range of cuisines.

Our chefs will give you a sweet and tangy taste of the favorite desserts of different nations all over the globe. We offer fruit-based desserts that are not just delectable but also healthy. Along with that, we also have a plethora of dairy based confections to satisfy your sweet tooth. 

Check out what we have on our menu for a satisfyingly good dessert! 

  • White forest pastry
  • White chocolate brownie
  • Walnut brownie
  • Walnut almond pie with vanilla or chocolate ice cream
  • Truffle pudding
  • Trino chocolate mousse
  • Tiramisu 
  • Swiss roll
  • Strawberry souffle pancake
  • Strawberry pastry
  • Strawberry fantasy
  • Strawberry cheesecake
  • Strawberry mousse
  • Semiya payasam
  • Sabudana ki kheer
  • Shabnam ke moti
  • Rasmalai
  • Rasgulla
  • Pineapple pastry
  • Pineapple upside down
  • Phirni
  • Peach and apricot cheesecake
  • Orange tart
  • Orange souffle 
  • Orange cheesecake
  • Orange and chocolate celebration
  • Nut pie
  • Moong Dal halwa with rabdi
  • Honey spice cheesecake
  • Mocha pastry
  • Mix fruit tart
  • Mishti doi
  • Milkynoga crunch pudding
  • Mawa cake slice
  • Marble cake
  • Mango swiss roll
  • Mango souffle
  • Mango pudding
  • Mango mousse
  • Mango cheesecake
  • Lichi souffle
  • Linzer pie lemon tart
  • Lemon souffle
  • Lemon cheesecake
  • Lauki ka halwa
  • Korkoda pastry

The Barbeque Grill: Our details

Opening hours: 12:30 AM to 3:30 PM 

7: 30 PM to 10: 30 PM

Lunch: 12: 30 AM to 3:30 PM

Diner: 7:30 PM to 10:30  

The Barbeque Grill: Contact information

Book a visit at our restaurant now to have an authentic taste of Indian cuisine fusion food while also enjoying the live grilling experience. Have a mind-opening and mouth-watering encounter with new flavors at The Barbeque Grill Vadodara! 

If you have any questions or queries about our menus and restaurant, you may reach us through the following:

Address: 3rd floor, Center Square Mall, near Genda circle , Vadodara, India – 390007

Contact number: +91 7405031996 or + 91 745063998


Follow us: The Barbeque Grill. Keep yourself updated on the latest additions to our menu by following our Facebook page. You can also check our menu of the day at our site. 

Come and taste the unique fusion cuisine and the authentic live grill experience here at The Barbeque Grill.

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