The Barbeque Grill: Best desserts to top off your barbeque

Desserts are one of the most important parts of a meal, not to mention everyone’s favourite. It gives all of us something to look forward to. It also brings a sweet ending to any wonderful meal. And since it is the last dish to be served, the quality of your dessert can highly impact your whole dining experience. That is why you need to be careful in choosing the best desserts to top off your meals. 

The Barbeque Grill offers one of the widest range of dessert selections for you. No matter if it’s a fruity and tangy tart or a deliciously creamy cheesecake, our restaurant has a dessert that will certainly satisfy your cravings!

Our world-class chefs will introduce your taste buds to the finest quality of sweets, unlike anything you’ve tasted before. The variety of options will leave you craving for more. There is no such thing as a full stomach when you’re faced with the world’s most visually appealing, mouthwatering, and delectable desserts. Get a glimpse of what we have to offer in our dessert menu at The Barbeque Grill restaurant!

The Barbeque Grill: Dessert menu

Dessert no. 1: White forest cake

This beautiful and delicious white forest cake is a variation of the traditional black forest. Instead of covering it in chocolates, this cake is made with our special cherry jam sandwiched between two soft chiffons, topped with layers of light and creamy vanilla frosting and chocolate shavings. And of course, a drizzle of velvety chocolate syrup. 

Dessert no. 2: Strawberry cheesecake

Indulge yourself with our rich and creamy cheesecake combined with the fruity and tangy flavour of strawberry. Our special strawberry cheesecake has a graham crust that creates a balance between its creamy taste and the slight saltiness of the crackers. Finally, we top it off with slices of fresh strawberry and a drizzle of luscious syrups ready to be served to you. 

Dessert no. 3: Orange tart

The orange tart is a unique dessert that is full of sour, fruity, and tangy flavour. Our gorgeous tart showcases this seasonal fruit at its absolute best. The creamy mixture is encased in a buttery pastry handmade by our talented chefs. The beautiful dessert is then topped off with whipped cream and finally a chocolate shaving. 

Dessert no. 4: Mixed fruit tart

The Barbeque Grill’s mixed fruit tart is a unique combination of fruits that would excite your taste buds with its magnificent blend of flavors. This dessert features fresh fruit slices layered over a sweet, creamy, and fruity filling cupped in a crunchy cookie crust. 

Dessert no. 5: Nut pie

This mixed nut pie by The Barbeque Grill is the perfect sweet and salty addition to your meal. The smooth and tasty flavor of honey and the tender crust softens the unique blend of almonds, pecan, and walnut. End your meal with a crunch with this delightful nut pie!

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