About Us

The Barbeque Grill Vadodara was started in year 2015 by TBG Food Venture. The Group plans to open chain of restaurants in all major cities of India. The all new, prefix menu and dining experience which comes with a live grill, right on your table. Allowing you to grill your dishes, exactly your way.

Experience a cooking that has your contribution in basting the food with your Favorite marinade and give that finishing touch that you prefer. A range of sumptuous buffet followed by scrumptious Dessert.

The décor is modeled after a countryside open dining experience, with a lot of wood, exposed brick & mud walls, an open and most spacious restaurant of the city, with a fascinating road side view of Central and live performance happening at centre square. The variety in the starters and the main course is rotated every 7 day, so if you have favorite that you must absolutely have call in to check if it is on the menu for morning/day/evening.

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