The Barbeque Grill: The best real-time grilling experience

Whether you’re in it for the smoky flavour, rich and aromatic marinades, the tantalizing grill lines, or the freshness that comes with cooking your food at high temperatures, we can all agree that grilling is a fun and exciting experience with friends and family!

Moreover, it is a rousing activity that can also fill your stomach with delicious food. You can indulge yourselves while sipping a cold can of beer and have a pleasant conversation all while enjoying the authentic experience of live grilling. 

The Barbeque Grill Vadodara wants to bring this pleasant atmosphere of ease and relaxation to your table. We are a restaurant that is passionate not just in the food but also the experience that comes with it. That is why we offer a live grill that can give you an authentic feel of cooking your favourite grilled dishes all the while having a lovely chat with your peers. Know more about our restaurant through this article. Grab your thongs and let’s get grilling!

The Barbeque Grill: About us 

TBG is known in the industry as a trusted brand when it comes to developing world-class restaurants that have a twist of culture and dining experience. The plans for the barbeque grill all started because of the TBG Food Venture’s desire to open chain restaurants in all of the major cities in India. 

Through careful planning, everyone has decided that a barbeque place is the best type of restaurant. It has the power to bring people together with delicious food, as well as strengthen bonds with an authentic experience. 

After years of planning, the Barbeque Grill Vadodara was finally opened in 2015. It is a unique restaurant that offers a wide menu of grilled food and other dishes. To make your dining even more exciting, our restaurant rotates our menus every 7 days so you’ll always have something to look forward to.  

The highlight of it all is the live grill placed right at your table. It allows you to prepare your dishes exactly the way you want it! We want you to experience the fun of basting your food with your favourite marinades and top it with a finishing touch of your choice. Follow it up with a scrumptious dessert and your dinner will surely be memorable. 

Aside from our food, we also took care of giving you the perfect ambience for your meals. Our modern restaurant is modelled after a countryside open dining with lots of wood, exposed bricks, and muddy walls for a homey and relaxed atmosphere. 

The Barbeque Grill is also recognized as one of the most spacious restaurants in the city so you don’t have to worry about cramped restaurants anymore. Aside from that, the location of our restaurant also offers a fascinating view of the Central and live performance at Town Square. What are you waiting for? Experience unique dining with The Barbeque Grill!

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